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Watch Your Savings Grow!

One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to save for a Disney vacation is by purchasing Disney gift cards. This is advantageous for many reasons. First, you can space out your trip costs. $25 here and there when you have it spare.

Also, this is a great way to offset the cost with other perks. Purchasing them at Kroger comes with Fuel points. Often you can load a fuel point mulitplier coupon to your Kroger savings card to enhance your overall benefit. Getting them at Sams Club comes with a bulk discount (currently $142.98 for $150 in Disney gift cards). If you have a Disney Visa card you also accumulate reward points on those purchases towards a trip. Sometimes Target will offer discounts on Target gift cards. You can purchase these, then in turn use the Target card to purchase Disney gift cards at full face value.

Disney gift cards also make a wonderful gift! My daughter loves receiving gift cards for any occasion: good grades at end of year report card time, birthdays, holidays, etc. Sometimes her cards are contributed to the overall cost of the trip- other times they are set aside as her spending money while on our Disney vacation.

As you accrue these cards, you can combine them at Once you create a username and password, you can watch your savings grow! This Disney site will direct you to set one of your gift cards as the Primary Card; you can then transfer the smaller balances onto your primary card up to $1000. This is a good way to keep track of your progress and savings while having less cards to keep track of.

For clients of UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley Travel, as Magical Concierge, gift card compilation is a service I can provide for you at no charge. If you have not combined your gift cards, no worries! We happily accept unlimited cards in any denomination.

ALTERNATIVELY, if this sort of running around to gather cards isn’t your thing, you may want to consider purchasing UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley gift certificates. Available in any denomination, our gift certificates are available over the phone with credit card (304-232-5171) or in person (1165 Market Street, Wheeling WV) using any form of payment. Purchasing with a credit card will obviously result in whatever perks your card offers. You can have them issued in your own name, or that of a gift recipient. Our gift certificates do not expire, are transferrable, and are able to be applied to any type of travel, Disney or otherwise. This is a great option because when you decide to book your travel, a record of your gift certificates are already here on file and can be used to pay your deposit.

As always, we provide free no-obligation quotes, and once booked with UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley Travel I will provide vacation planning assistance to enhance your Disney experience. Happy saving!

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