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All About Strollers at Walt Disney World

Disney recently announced changes to its stroller policies. Here’s the latest on what is allowed, and what options you have.

Beginning May 1, 2019 strollers in Disney theme parks and water parks are restricted to 31 inches wide, measured at its widest point (down from 36 inches) and a maximum length of 52 inches. Also, while wagons have already been banned from parks, now too will be stroller wagons. According to Disney, “these updates are designed to help guest flow and ease congestion, making the parks more enjoyable for everyone.” That said, meeting the needs of guests with disabilities is important, and questions about how these changes may affect you are directed to contact

Renting a Stroller at Walt Disney World

You can rent a single stroller or a double stroller upon entering any of the 4 theme parks. These are hand plastic, low to the ground strollers that you may have seen at places like a zoo. The single stroller is recommended for 50lbs or less, and 100lbs for the double. Current rental rates for a single stroller at the time of this article is Daily $15, or $13 multi-day (length of stay). Rates for the double stroller is Daily $31, or $27 multi-day (length of stay). When you purchase a length of stay rental, you just show your receipt each day to receive your stroller, saving you time and money.

The pros and cons of renting this type of stroller are user specific. For instance, these strollers stay within the parks. You may NOT take them to the buses. So while there is no hassle of folding your stroller and dragging it on the resort buses, you also have to take your little one, perhaps tired, hot and cranky, to the bus stop and wait there without the advantage of having a stroller. You also in this case do not have a stroller to use once you arrive at your resort as you navigate to your room.

Renting a Stroller Through an Outside Provider

There are several private companies that offer stroller rentals for travelers. If this feels like the best fit for you, as guests booking through UNIGLOBE, we can arrange stroller rental as a courtesy. Listed here are contacts for 3 Disney approved providers. Also of note, wheelchairs and ECV’s are also available rent for mobility issues. Any of the rentals can be arranged for pick up and drop off at your Disney Resort.

Magic Strollers (866)866-6171

Orlando Stroller Rentals (800) 281-0884

Kingdom Strollers (407) 271-5301

My recommendation

My advice is to bring your own stroller. They are incredibly useful at the airport, your resort, Disney Springs, everywhere that you go. The handles hold you diaper bag or other necessities (backpack with sunscreen, snacks and ponchos, etc). As the parks have designated Stroller Parking areas, staffed with attendants that keep the area orderly- meaning your stroller will not be where you parked it but still within the same area as other people come and go- your own stroller is easier to identify in the sea of standard park strollers. The ONLY drawback is having to collapse the stroller before boarding a Disney Transportation bus. But knowing your own stroller and where the necessary levers are is helpful in this situation. When my daughter was younger we opted for a simply umbrella stroller to save the little legs from walking and our arms from carrying. It was convenient to have a place for her to sit during parades, stage shows and fireworks. She was on the petite side, so we used it until she was 5 years old. Obviously infants need something more substantial.

No matter which way you choose to go, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR STROLLER. Theft does sometimes happen, unfortunately. Also close any food items you may have. I’ve spent the occasional cool down break watching squirrels raid snacks in strollers!

If you prefer not to bring your own stroller, or if yours is over the new size limitations, we are happy to discuss your stroller needs when you book with UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley Travel.

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